The best-kept secret of the new Bernabeu has been revealed.

The refurbished Estadio Santiago Bernabeu’s best-kept secret has been unveiled, and it’s a groundbreaking retractable field technology.

Real Madrid’s new stadium, like many contemporary stadiums, will be a multi-use arena capable of hosting concerts, conferences, and other athletic events like as tennis or basketball, in addition to football.

To make this possible, a unique mechanism has been created that allows the Bernabeu to have a fully retractable field while still providing Los Blancos with the best possible playing surface.
The natural grass pitch will be divided into six portions that can be withdrawn and stored under the stadium in a 30m high-tech facility that will give light, water, and ventilation to each area. The grass will be given the finest possible care in order to maintain it in good shape for football matches, and the stadium will also include an artificial surface for training and other uses.

The club has published a video depicting how the new system will appear and function, as well as a film by 3D artist Javier Caireta-Serra detailing how it will all operate. Laying or retracting the pitch will take six hours, and it will be done at night for maximum efficiency.

Source Marca

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