Ronaldo responds to the mobile phone incident at Goodison Park

Cristiano Ronaldo had a tough outing vs Everton as the Portuguese Superstar was left frustrated with the lack of goal scoring opportunities created by the Manchester United teammates. Ronaldo received a number of blows to his leg as images showed a couple of fresh wounds on his leg and he was limping after the end of the game.

Man United lost further ground on top 4 as they dropped 3 important points at the Goodison Park and the hopes of making it to the top 4 are slowly diminishing. Ronaldo however, caught the headlines after the game as his incident with a fan caught fire on the internet. Ronaldo was spotted smashing a fan’s phone who appeared to be recording him in his way as he was limping his way to the tunnel.

Frustrated with the result of the game, Cristiano was limping towards the tunnel after FT when a fan was trying to record the Portuguese and brought the phone somewhat in his way to which Ronaldo reacted angrily by slapping the phone down and shattering it. The video went viral across Twitter and Instagram and many fans criticized Ronaldo for his action.

Man United have also launched investigation into the incident and it is understood if found guilty Cristiano would be charged with a heavy fine and a suspension of up to 3-4 games.

Cristiano Ronaldo has now himself spoken on the incident, he has admitted his mistake and apologized for his inappropriate behaviour. Posting to his 424m followers on Instagram, Cristiano wrote:

“It’s never easy to deal with emotions in difficult moments such as the one we are facing. Nevertheless, we always have to be respectful, patient and set the example for all the youngsters who love the beautiful game.”

“I would like to apologize for my outburst and if possible I would like to invite this supporter to watch a game at Old Trafford as a sign of fair-play and sportsmanship.”

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