Ronaldo messages Sir Alex to discuss his future and here’s what the boss said

Manchester United missed out on Champions League football after an embarrassing 4-0 defeat to Brighton. Not only Champions League, if United fail to win their last game vs Crystal Palace, they might miss out on the Europa League too. Such has been the nature of disaster at Manchester United.

Cristiano returned to the club last summer after leaving Juventus but now he would be wondering what the hell did I do? Cristiano is known as Mr. Champions League and him missing out on the elite competition would be a stain on his career.

Although Ronaldo has had a good season on personal terms having scored 24 goals in all competitions, the rest of the squad has been disastrous. None of the players has performed at a good level and the team has suffered because of that.

Ronaldo was set to join Manchester City last summer before a phone call from Sir Alex Ferguson convinced him to come to Old Trafford. Ronaldo considers Sir Alex a father figure in football and thats why he couldn’t say no to him.

Now with Ronaldo’s future once again uncertain, he has messaged Sir Alex for advice on his future. According to English newspaper Dailymail, Cristiano Ronaldo has texted Sir Alex Ferguson to discuss his future and the boss has suggested him to stay at Old Trafford for one more season.

Sir Alex Ferguson wants Ronaldo to protect his Manchester United legacy and leave on a high. Sir Alex also assured Ronaldo of big changes in the coming season.

The decision will be Ronaldo’s in the end but Sir Alex wants the Portuguese star to continue at Old Trafford for at least one more season.

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