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Real Madrid’s Journey: Recognizing the Inability to Win Every Time

Real Madrid was taken aback by their resounding loss against Manchester City, as they were not anticipating such a catastrophic outcome.

Thibaut Courtois played a crucial role in preventing what could have been a historic defeat. However, the number of goals conceded becomes insignificant in light of the overwhelming sense of powerlessness that permeated Carlo Ancelotti’s team from the beginning until the end of the match.

In his customary manner, Florentino Perez made his way to the dressing room. While he had previously wished the team good luck before the game at the hotel, his post-match visit was aimed at engaging in discussions with the players, particularly Carlo Ancelotti, in order to analyze and understand the unfolding events.The outcome at the Etihad Stadium will not prompt a deviation from the club’s pre-established roadmap, which was carefully planned in the preceding weeks.

It is evident that Real Madrid has acknowledged certain deficiencies within the current team, starting with the need to identify a suitable replacement for Karim Benzema.

Benzema has struggled to perform at his best this season due to various physical issues, and his absence has been particularly felt during the crucial stages of competitions.

Despite the disappointment of the defeat against Manchester City, the club maintains the belief that if their previous efforts have yielded positive results, there is no need for drastic changes in leadership.

Carlo Ancelotti is expected to continue leading the team, as the prevailing notion remains intact following the match against Manchester City.

While the defeat is undoubtedly painful, it is worth noting that it occurred in the semifinals. Prior to the match at the Etihad, Real Madrid’s performance in elite European competitions had been consistently impressive.

The club’s leaders reiterated the mantra that “you can’t always win,” emphasizing the importance of not making impulsive decisions in the aftermath of such setbacks.

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