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Real Madrid Tops the List as the Most Valuable Club in the World

Forbes has recently published its yearly ranking of the 30 most valuable sports clubs globally, and Real Madrid remains firmly positioned at the summit. Meanwhile, PSG has emerged as the swiftest growing club in the sporting realm, joining the ranks of the Golden State Warriors as one of the fastest-growing organizations worldwide.

In the case of Real Madrid, Forbes highlights that two teams have now surpassed the $6 billion mark in value. Real Madrid claims the top spot with an impressive valuation of $6.07 billion, reflecting a remarkable 19 percent increase compared to the previous year.

According to the report, Real Madrid’s recent success in the Champions League has been a major contributing factor to its financial prowess. Having reached an impressive five out of the last nine lucrative finals and emerged victorious in all of them, Real Madrid’s winning record has played a significant role in its value. Additionally, the club has secured a substantial amount of approximately $400 million from Sixth Street and Legends through a 20-year deal aimed at boosting revenue generation at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium. The ongoing renovation of the stadium, slated for completion next year, is also expected to further enhance its earning potential.

The report further highlights that the 30 most valuable football teams worldwide boast an average valuation of $2.17 billion. Comparatively, a year ago, the top 20 teams had an average valuation of $2.53 billion, indicating a decline. However, the current rankings showcase a rebound, with the top 20 teams having an average value of $2.89 billion, reflecting a notable 14% increase.

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