New Man United Manager Ten Hag’s wonderful comments on Cristiano Ronaldo

Manchester United have announced the arrival of Erik Ten Hag as the new Man United Manager for next season. Man United sacked Ole Gunnar Solskjaer mid season after a series of bad results at the start of the season. United announced Ralf Rangnick as Interim Manager but the German has failed to deliver good results.

Now Man United have announced Erik Ten Hag as their full time Manager and the fans are really excited for next season.

Erik Ten Hag expressed his excitement on becoming the new Man United Manager as he said:

“It’s a great honour to be appointed Manager of Manchester United and I’m hugely excited by the challenge ahead.”

“I know the history of this great club, the passion of the fans and I am absolutely determined to develop a team capable of delivering the success they deserve.”

Erik Ten Hag will be given a budget of 200m during his first season at Man United. One of Ten Hag’s biggest challenges will be finding the right balance between youth and experience.

Erik Ten Hag is a huge admirer of Cristiano Ronaldo and he’d be willing to benefit from the Portuguese’s expertise. Old comments of Ten Hag on Cristiano Ronaldo have resurfaced where he talked about Ronaldo’s constant desire to bring the best out of himself.

In an interview with DutchSoccerSite, Ten Hag talked about top player’s always pushing themselves to the limits:

“I worked at Bayern and was often totally surprised by the mentality of players like Neuer, Robben and Lahm, for instance. They have accomplished so many great things, but when you see the intensity with which they train. Unreal. They constantly try and find the limits of their trade. Constantly, finding the limit and surpassing it. Again and again.

“Take Cristiano Ronaldo. His heading capabilities, his jump, his timing, that takes 1000s of hours of training and practice. Like with his free kicks and kicking technique. He’s so talented but he constantly demands the best out of himself.”

“That is the difference with the subtop. But if we are subtop, we can distinguish ourselves from the level below us, by doing the same at our level.”

22 thoughts on “New Man United Manager Ten Hag’s wonderful comments on Cristiano Ronaldo”

  1. A smart manager can use Ronaldo as an example to motivate the team also teach them how to take advantage of how the opposite teams concentrate on Ronaldo leaving open space for them

  2. When a great Manager recognizes the talents of a football player and says so, you can expect still the best to come!!!

  3. Erik Ten Hag has assessed CR7 correctly.CR7 still has a huge role to play for MU supported by talented attacking midfielders and strikers which needs to be reassessed. Defender Maguire is slow and those slow coach players and without thinking skill must be dropped.MU needs fresh blood of 5 to 6 players to re-engerise the team and a build a team of like Sir Alex Ferguson era.

  4. Man U needs results not mouth watering accolades when there’s no positive results. Almost six years now we can’t boost of any trophy, so we needs results and trophies now.

  5. Wow
    Can’t wait for Man U next season’s to start up.
    With this new manager We’ll see another Cristiano Ronaldo prime’s

  6. Ten if you use Ronaldo well you will achieve alot from him copy the way how fargie, scorally used him.
    Ronaldo is good when he pass through the wings not to use him as a lonely striker you can’t get a goal even from midfieldres because all the defenders will cover the goal looking for Ronaldo, but he pass through the wings the final third will be open where by everyone can score even from the center.
    Thanks Ten.

  7. I think the players need to be grateful of where they are and what football has provided for them.
    They need to return that gratitude to the fans and the effort they put in not only to get to ground and show their support on the day, but the hours they put in at work to pay for the tickets and regalia the gives the Players the life style they have.
    Alex Ferguson respected the fans and the working man.

  8. Hard work will always paid off especially Ronaldo
    To me personally to say that age is just a number hard work is the top priority to all footballer

  9. As a united fan since 1962 I have seen it all, ups and downs of our great club, since sir Alex retired we have stumbled through the last few years , with the arrival Eric Ten Hag , I feel along with many other united fans this is new chapter to be written in the United history books , a start of a new era ,


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