Mohamed Salah

Who is Mohamed Salah, and where did he come from?

Mohamed Salah is an Egyptian footballer who plays forward for Egypt’s national team as well as Liverpool in the Premier League. He was born and raised in Gharbia, Egypt, and has been a good player from infancy. He began his career with the Egyptian club ‘El Mokawloon’s’ youth squad. In 2010, he was promoted to the club’s senior squad in the ‘Egyptian Premier League.’ He moved to the Swiss football team ‘FC Basel’ in 2012. He was instrumental in Basel’s victories in the Swiss Championship and the Uhren Cup in 2012-13. He joined ‘Chelsea’ in January 2014, becoming the first Egyptian player to play for the club. He then went on to play for ‘Roma’ and ‘Fiorentina’ (on loan) before returning to ‘Liverpool’ in 2017. He was selected ‘African Footballer of the Year’ by the BBC and CAF in 2017.

Childhood and Adolescence

  1. Mohamed Salah was born in Nagrig, Gharbia, Egypt, on June 15, 1992, to middle-class parents. Mohamed’s parents were concerned since he struggled in school. Mohamed attempted to strike a balance between his studies and sport, but he was never able to improve his grades. Throughout his youth and adolescence, football was his first focus.
  2. When he wasn’t playing, he might be seen watching football on TV. Some Arabic footballers were among his early idols. Salah remained entirely involved in football despite his parents’ aspirations for him to pursue a traditional professional path.
  3. Salah began playing football for enjoyment, but when he joined the local youth team ‘El Mokawloon’ in Cairo, he began to see it as a serious career potential. It was far from home, and he had to change five buses to go to the academy, which damaged his academics even more, but his love for the game kept him focused.
  4. He was ultimately admitted into his club’s senior squad in May 2010, when he was 18 years old. Salah began his career as a reserve player, but as his game progressed, he became a regular attacker in the club. The ‘Egyptian Premier League’ was shut down in 2012, and the futures of several of its players were in jeopardy.


  1. When the ‘Egyptian Premier League’ was endangered by the ‘Port Said Stadium Disaster,’ Swiss club ‘Basel’ offered him a contract. Basel inked a four-year deal with him in April 2012. In the same year, he made his ‘UEFA Championship League’ and ‘Europa League’ debuts, scoring on several important occasions to assist his club reach the semi-finals, which they finally lost.
  2. Salah was a key figure in Basel’s 2012-13 ‘Swiss Super League Championship’ success, as well as a strong showing in the Swiss Cup, when they finished second. Salah was a member of the Basel team that won the ‘Uhren Cup’ at the start of the next season.
    He had two excellent performances against Chelsea in a matter of weeks, which piqued the club’s interest in him. He joined Chelsea in January 2014.
  3. Salah made his Premier League debut for Chelsea against Newcastle United in February 2014, and scored his first goal against Arsenal in March. Salah was expected to return to Egypt to finish his necessary military training before the start of the 2014-15 season, but it turned out that he had visited with Egypt’s Prime Minister and gotten himself excused.
  4. Chelsea loaned him to Italian club ‘Fiorentina’ until the conclusion of the 2015-16 season in February 2015. Salah made his debut for the club on February 14 and revealed his unwillingness to return to ‘Fiorentina’ at the conclusion of the season. Instead, he wanted to join another Serie A squad, ‘A.S. Roma.’
  5. He was loaned out to ‘Roma’ in August 2015. ‘Fiorentina,’ enraged by Chelsea’s violation of contract, initiated a lawsuit in September 2015, but it was subsequently resolved, and Salah remained with ‘Roma.’
  6. Salah was named the ‘Best Player’ of the Season and the top scorer with 15 goals towards the conclusion of his first season with ‘Roma.’ Roma’s management contacted him in 2016 and he agreed to a permanent contract. Salah couldn’t turn down an offer from ‘Liverpool‘ in 2017 despite signing a long-term contract with ‘Roma.’
    Salah signed a long-term deal with Liverpool in June 2017 for a club-record 50 million pounds. As a result, he became Liverpool’s first ever Egyptian player, scoring in his first game against ‘Watford.’ Liverpool supporters voted him ‘Player of the Month’ for August.
  7. He scored four goals in one of his meetings against ‘Watford,’ leading his side to a 5-0 win. This was his first hat-trick for ‘Liverpool,’ and at the conclusion of the season, he had 36 goals, making him the team’s top scorer.
  8. Mohamed Salah has played in 11 games for Egypt’s U-20 and U-23 teams, including the 2011 ‘FIFA U-20 World Cup’ and the 2012 ‘Summer Olympics.’ He finally joined the Egyptian national squad and participated in the 2014 ‘World Cup’ qualifications, scoring in almost every game to help his country reach the final stages.
  9. Mohamed Salah was one of the top goal scorers in the 2017 ‘Africa Cup of Nations,’ helping his side reach the finals. In addition, he was named to the ‘CAF Team of the Tournament.’ With five goals in the 2018 ‘FIFA World Cup Qualifications,’ he was his team’s leading scorer.

Personal Life

  1. Mohamed Salah is a devout Muslim who does sujood after each goal. Salah’s supporters have said that if he continues to score goals, they would convert to Islam!
  2. Mohamed Salah married Maggi in 2012, and the pair had a daughter named Makka. The baby girl was born in London and given the name Mecca after the Muslim holy city.

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