Mia Khalifa names Top 3 Football Players of All Time

Mia Khalifa is one of the most famous names in the World for whatever reason you know her for. The Lebanese-born American model works now a days a sports presenter on YouTube channels and also streams live on Twitch.

Mia Khalifa has a lot of interest in sports and appears on different sports talk shows. She also supports a number of teams in Washington DC.

Mia Khalifa appeared on AFTV channel where she talked about football. The host of the channel, asked Mia Khalifa to name Top 3 football players ever to which she replied:

“Cristiano Ronaldo, R9 and Thierry Henry.”

The host asked Mia Khalifa to choose between Cristiano Ronaldo and R9 to which she confidently replied:

“Cristiano Ronaldo”

Mia Khalifa had no hesitation choosing Cristiano Ronaldo twice and according to her Cristiano is the greatest player ever.

The small video clip of the interview can be found here:

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