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Manchester United icon Rio Ferdinand voices strong criticism of Carlo Ancelotti’s mistake as Real Madrid suffer Champions League elimination, with fans expressing agreement.

Former Manchester United star Rio Ferdinand was left flabbergasted when he discovered that Real Madrid manager Carlo Ancelotti had made the surprising decision to drop Antonio Rudiger in favor of Eder Militao for their crucial clash against Manchester City. Ferdinand, known for his astute observations and analysis, expressed his shock at the choice made by Ancelotti, particularly considering Rudiger’s excellent performance in containing Erling Haaland in their previous encounter.

Rudiger had showcased his defensive prowess and ability to nullify the threat of Haaland, leaving many expecting him to retain his place in the starting lineup for such a significant fixture. However, Ancelotti opted to go with Militao instead, a decision that raised eyebrows and left Ferdinand questioning the manager’s rationale.

As a seasoned football pundit, Ferdinand understands the importance of making tactical decisions that maximize a team’s chances of success. The unexpected move to bench Rudiger, who had proven himself in the previous tie, left Ferdinand flummoxed, wondering about the reasoning behind Ancelotti’s choice.

The upcoming match against Manchester City was of utmost importance, and Ferdinand’s surprise mirrored the sentiments of many fans and pundits alike. The decision to favor Militao over Rudiger sparked a wave of discussions and debates, with fans eagerly awaiting the outcome and the justification behind Ancelotti’s tactical decision.

Carlo Ancelotti’s decision to drop Antonio Rudiger in favor of Eder Militao for the crucial match against Manchester City not only left former player Rio Ferdinand flabbergasted, but it also stirred up a storm of confusion and discontent among the fans. One fan took to Twitter, openly calling for Ancelotti’s sacking if Real Madrid were to lose the match. The fan pointed out that Rudiger had successfully man-marked Erling Haaland in the previous game, making his benching for Militao even more puzzling. The fan’s tweet concluded with a strong statement, emphasizing the urgency of the situation.

The surprise decision also attracted attention from another fan, who labeled it as a potentially monumental mistake. The sentiment among the fans was shared by a third individual who believed that Ancelotti’s choice to bench Rudiger actually aided Manchester City’s easy victory.

Echoing the disappointment, another fan blamed Ancelotti’s loyalty to Militao for the team’s unfortunate outcome. They further emphasized Rudiger’s outstanding performance in the first leg and how his absence impacted the game negatively for Real Madrid.

The social media reactions demonstrated the collective bewilderment and frustration among fans, with many questioning Ancelotti’s judgment and expressing their belief that the decision ultimately cost Real Madrid dearly. The repercussions of this surprising move would continue to be debated and analyzed in the aftermath of the match.

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