Kevin De Bruyne snubs Leo Messi for Cristiano Ronaldo

Manchester City star midfielder Kevin De Bruyne is having a fantastic season for Man City. The Belgian has scored an impressive 15 goals and provided 7 assists in the Premier League this season and he is nominated for the player of the season award.

De Bruyne’s Manchester City is in race for the Premier League title which is going down to the last match day. City need a win at home against Aston Villa to win the Premier League title.

Kevin De Bruyne appeared on “Wow Hydrate Kickin it with Kevin” program where he answered questions and completed some challenges.

De Bruyne was asked if he would like to win the World Cup or Champions League to which he answered:

“I’m going to say win a World Cup because it never happens in Belgium.”

De Bruyne was asked if he prefers to score a goal or provide an assist to which the Belgian replied:

“Assist, it gives me the same feeling to create an opportunity for somebody else.”

One of the questions asked by the host was if you would like to play with Messi or Ronaldo? Kevin De Bruyne answered:

“I’d probably go with Ronaldo because he’s a complete striker.”

The Belgian wants to play with Ronaldo instead of Messi. De Bruyne also previously expressed his desire to play with Ronaldo.

In a previous interview with Sky Sports, De Bruyne was asked about which strikers he’d like to play with to which he replied:

“I would say Cristiano. With Cristiano, I could probably put a cross about three meters high and he’s still going to get it anyway so that’s going to make my assists go up!”

Ronaldo and De Bruyne were close to be teammates last season until Manchester United intervened and signed Ronaldo at the last moment.

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