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Haaland was not the monster

Losing to a team of Manchester City’s caliber in their home stadium is almost expected, regardless of the opponent. However, Real Madrid’s complete capitulation against the dominant English side came as a shocking and historically significant surprise.

Another unexpected aspect was that Los Blancos managed to somewhat neutralize City’s key player, Erling Haaland, as Thibaut Courtois made three excellent saves to deny him. Nevertheless, Real Madrid conceded four goals from other sources.

On Wednesday night, Manchester City displayed a level of superiority that left Madrid helpless and outplayed.

This season will not bring a 15th title for Real Madrid, but it presents a significant opportunity for the Citizens to claim their first-ever Champions League victory, marking it as perhaps their best chance yet.

Bernardo Silva showcased an extraordinary performance, effectively securing the outcome of the match in the first half. The Portuguese maestro exhibited remarkable intelligence with two finishes that warrant careful examination and study.

Despite Real Madrid enduring a nightmarish performance, they did manage to create some noteworthy moments, forcing impressive saves from Ederson.

The first instance occurred when Toni Kroos unleashed a powerful strike from 25 yards out, coming close to scoring a sensational goal. Additionally, in the second half, David Alaba’s attempt from a direct free kick was thwarted by Ederson’s save.

Courtois, despite being part of the team that suffered a 4-0 defeat, delivered an exceptional individual performance that far exceeded the final scoreline.

Considering the remarkable display by the Belgian goalkeeper, Real Madrid’s night could have transitioned from a humbling experience to a genuinely humiliating one if it weren’t for his heroic efforts.

While the Etihad Stadium is not widely renowned for its vibrant atmosphere, the Manchester City fans defied expectations on Wednesday by showcasing their unwavering support. They were in full voice, joyously celebrating their team’s commanding display and the footballing masterclass they witnessed.

The fervor emanating from the stands was palpable, and it likely played a significant role in extinguishing any hope of a Real Madrid comeback. The passionate support from the City faithful added an extra layer of intensity to the match, contributing to the overall success of the team.

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