Fernando Santos answers if Ronaldo will start or not vs Switzerland

Portugal face Switzerland in their 2nd Nations League game tonight. Portugal earned a hard fought point vs Spain in their first game of the campaign. Spain took the lead but Portugal fought back in the second half to level the game 1-1.

The nature of Nations League is extremely tough. If you lose 1 game you are out of the tournament. Every group game is like a knockout game in the Nations League. Portugal will have to be at their very best to beat Switzerland tonight.

Portugal boss Fernando Santos left Ronaldo on the bench for the first game vs Spain. The decision faced a lot of criticism and Santos answered it was a tactical decision and nothing to do with Ronaldo’s form.

In the pre match press conference for portugal Switzerland game, Santos was once again asked if Ronaldo will be starting the game to which he answered:

“I have 26 players and only 11 can play at the start. I don’t see any frustration.”

“Ronaldo is the best in the world. In each strategy I decide that it will be in one way and in another game it should be the other way around.”

“I understand the issue around Ronaldo. Then it will be around another player, but they can’t all play.”

Switzerland coach Murat Yakin however said that he wants Cristiano Ronaldo to play vs Switzerland.

“It’s always a joy when you play against players like Cristiano Ronaldo. He has no value on the bench. I’m waiting for Cristiano to play.”

It is most likely that Cristiano Ronaldo will be starting tonight despite Santos not giving anything away in his interview.

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