Cristiano’s mother reveals what he always wanted as a gift during his childhood

Cristiano Ronaldo is arguably the greatest football player the World has ever seen. Ronaldo started with a humble beginning. Nobody knew this small kid from Madeira would one day become the greatest player in the World. From playing in the streets of Madeira, Ronaldo found his way to Sporting CP. From Sporting to Man United and from Man United to Real Madrid. Ronaldo’s road to success has been nothing short of struggle.

Before the Portuguese superstar started craving for the Ballon d’Ors and the Champions Leagues, Ronaldo always wanted the most simplest of things as a gift.

Ronaldo’s mother Dolores Aveiro has revealed in an interview what Ronaldo most loved as a gift during his childhood.

During an Interview with Nuno Markl, Portuguese TV host, Dolores revealed what his son always wanted as a gift:

There was a time when I wanted to gift him a bicycle and he said ‘Oh mother, I’m no baby! I don’t want the bicycle.’ Ronaldo was happier with a ball than a bicycle. A ball was the best gift anyone could give him.”

He would take the ball and leave the house, so he wouldn’t be tied to the television. Ronaldo would walk out in the morning and only come at night for dinner. I knew where he was.”

Dolores also tells that she never stopped Ronaldo from playing football as she had realized that he had a special talent:

“He was born with that gift. A mother has to let her child choose what he wants. Mothers are the ones who have to set an example for their children. When I saw Ronaldo playing as a little boy, I realised he had a gift for that.”

The full interview of Dolores Aveiro with Nuno Markl can be found on his Instagram page having username nunomarkl.

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