Cristiano Ronaldo reveals the saddest moment of his career

Cristiano Ronaldo’s career is filled with amazing memories and sensational victories. The man lives to win. He has won in every club he has played in, he has won in every country he has played in. Although his country Portugal had never won a trophy before him, Cristiano did the impossible by winning two trophies for Portugal.

The Euro 2016 triumph followed by the inaugural Nations League triumph in 2019 made Portugal 2 times Champion. Although Ronaldo’s career is filled with amazing success all over the World, there are some sad moments in his career too.

Losing the Euro 2004 Final as a teenager might have hurt his feelings but he came back strongly to win the title 12 years later.

Ronaldo was asked in an interview to share what’s the worst moment of his career to which the Portuguese answered:

“At the Euro Final, I told the doctor ‘don’t say anything, just tell the coach I can continue’. The pain was very strong but I wanted to continue. I tried once, twice, thrice but eventually I had to go off. That was the most painful moment of my career.”

Ronaldo was leading his country in a much anticipated Final in 2016 when he had to go down injured and leave the game with just 20 mins played.

Although Portugal won the game in the end, but the sadness of not being able to represent his country at the Final still hurts Ronaldo.

Ronaldo was in tears when he was taken off the pitch but those tears soon turned into tears of happiness as Portugal claimed their first ever International Trophy on the same night.

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