Casillas and Pique debate the “Negreira case”

During the seventh season of the Chup Chup Kings, former Real Madrid captain Iker Casillas and former Barcelona center defender Gerard Pique sparred over the “Negreira case.”

Enriquez Negreira, vice-president of the Technical Committee of Referees, allegedly received 1.4 million euros from Barcelona while he was still a member of the committee.

In an effort to support the Blaugrana, Pique stated, “I’ll tell you one thing: if we let the cat out of the bag, we look at UEFA and the Champions League and there Real Madrid’s [name] pops up…. all over the place.”

Pique’s comments, however, offended Casillas, who brought up the contentious match between Barcelona and Chelsea.

You people need to keep quiet, Casillas continued.

One of the largest thefts ever committed in a football game, according to observers.

While none of the two guys lost their cool, it led to an argument between the former comrades.

Pique recounted how Barcelona lost the LaLiga Santander championship because an Atletico Madrid goal that was disallowed was, in his words, “not illegal and we would have won a league.”

From that point on, the two men began recalling games, championships, and other events when they believed errors were committed in favor of their enduring adversaries.
In the end, however, Pique emphasized that officials have traditionally tended to favor the major clubs, such as Real Madrid and Barcelona.

Source Marca

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