At the Ballon d’Or event, Benzema wore a 500,000 euro watch, whereas Lewandowski wore a 60 euro Casio.

Karim Benzema of Real Madrid took home the Ballon d’Or trophy for 2022, while Robert Lewandowski of Barcelona got the Gerd Muller Prize at the Ballon d’Or presentation in Paris on Monday night.

Numerous tales from the evening surfaced on social media, including one regarding the two players’ watches and how their wristwear was so unlike.
The world’s most challenging timepiece is Benzema’s watch.
In the instance of Benzema, he showed up sporting a Richard Mille RM 65-01 watch, widely regarded as the brand’s most intricate timepiece.

It reportedly took five years of testing to bring this watch to market because it has a high-frequency balance that can time with the greatest accuracy down to one tenth of a second.

The automated split-seconds chronograph is the most complicated watch ever to leave the Richard Mille factories, according to the company. It is the conclusion of around five years of research.

Thanks to the combination of a number of extra functionalities, a highly particular architecture, and an exceedingly high-end appearance, this model perfectly exemplifies the brand’s technological approach.

All in all, a fantastic mechanical watchmaking project that required dedication, technical skill, and patience.

It costs 500,000 euros, so it is obviously not cheap.

Lewandowski substitutes a less expensive timepiece for his stolen one.

Lewandowski, on the other hand, was wearing a far less expensive watch on Monday. It was a Casio watch, which was priced at 60 euros.

The Polish player had owned a Patek Philippe watch worth 70,000 euros, but it was stolen in a well-publicized incident earlier in the season at the gate of Barcelona’s athletic facility.

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